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Dimmable 2.4G LED Panel light



1.[High Efficiency]: energy saving, high brightness, no mercury, no infrared, no ultraviolet, no electromagnetic interference, no heat effect, no radiation, no stroboscopic phenomenon; the latest high efficiency (95%) constant current drive;

2.[Bright]: bright light completely flat output, light angle wider;

3.[Ultra Thin Light]: dedicated circuit design, to avoid a single bad light, affecting the overall effect;

4.[Durable]: 5 years of use, without interference from the radio, will not pollute the  environment.



Size Power  Voltage PF Lumens Optical Effciency Emission Color CRI Beam Angle Warranty
295*295*9mm 12w 85-265V  50/60Hz >0.93 1200lm 100lm/w 2700-3100k;3800-4500k;6000-6500k >80 ≥120° 3 years
24w 2400lm
295*595*9mm 24w 85-265V  50/60Hz >0.93 2400lm 100lm/w 2700-3100k;3800-4500k;6000-6500k >80 ≥120° 3 years
36w 3600lm
595*595*9mm 36w 85-265V  50/60Hz >0.93 3600lm 100lm/w 2700-3100k;3800-4500k;6000-6500k >80 ≥120° 3 years
40w 4000lm
48w 4800lm
295*1195*9mm 40w 4000lm
48w 4800lm
595*595*9mm 60w 85-265V  50/60Hz >0.93 6000lm 100lm/w 2700-3100k;3800-4500k;6000-6500k >80 ≥120° 3 years


Installation Method: